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By Sean O'Grady, Economics Editor of The Independent.

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Good news for Gordon Brown. Bad news for Gordon Brown. It’s all the same as far as the economy is concerned. The latest readings on the service sector and the OECD's new assessment of the G7 economies suggest that Mr brown can expect a bit of a boost on 23 April when the Office for National Statistics publishes its first estimates for growth in the first quarter of this year.

The bad weather in January may not have prevented the recovery form accelerating, to +0.5 per cent of GDP some of the experts are saying. So Mr Brown can say his polices are working and he took wise decisions to protect the recovery. But he is in a win win situation. If the numbers come out unexpectedly bad, he can say, a fortiori, that this is no time to withdraw the stimulus, which he accuses the Tories of wanting to do (not entirely accurately as it happens).


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